21 Day – Ectomorph Body Type Package

R6,051.95 incl VAT

21 Day – Ectomorph Package
42 Meals & 21 Snacks
(2 Meals + 3 Snacks per day)
Allergens: Nuts

Meal Plan Included!!!

Everyone has the potential to develop a great shape – regardless of his or her dominant body type.

Package eating schedule: 5 times a day
Light Snacks (21)
10 x Biltong Pieces
11 x Mixed Nuts

Protein Snacks (42)
10 x Cheesy Meatballs
11 x Chicken Strips
7 x Chicken with Bell Pepper Quiche
7 x Bacon Bits, Onion and Mushroom Quiche
7 x Bell Pepper Quiche

Meals (42)
6 x Chicken Fajita with Cous-Cous
6 x Chicken Stirfry with Basmati Rice
6 x Cajun Chicken with Bell Peppers, Brown Rice and Broccoli and Cauliflower
6 x Beef Goulash with Spinach & Pumpkin
6 x Beef Cubes with Roasted Butternut on Cous-Cous
6 x Beef, Broccoli and Cauliflower Mix with Basmati Rice
6 x Beef and Broccoli Kebab with Cous-Cous and Roasted Mixed Veggies

R6,051.95 incl VAT

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