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Welcome to FIT FOOD 4U

Fit Food 4U is a company that aims to make our client’s lives easier, making everyday living healthier and more efficient by delivering packaged ready to eat meals to your doorstep.

Our team has developed a healthy yet delicious way of cooking using natural herbs and spices making every dish unique. Prepared with the mind of a healthy eater. 



Healthy Eating Tips

  • Portion size is crucial in your lifestyle change.
  • Drink water, cut out all fruit juices and fizzy drinks.
  • Cut out ALL added sugars in your diet.
  • Exercise, helps stimulate your mind and body and helps with a faster result.
  • It takes 21 days to create a new eating habit.
  • Minimize ALL processed foods.
  • Minimize alcohol and smoking

"Start Now & Change Gradually"


Christopher Brown

"I had quite tall orders and very specific requests for my nursery school kiddies, and it’s been quite difficult to find a caterer that’s been able to meet our needs and expectations.”

Cherece Swart

"Oh my word, this was the best decision I gave made in very long time ... tasty.... ”

Ncumisa Sigonyela

"Delicious tasty meals well packaged, great portions, totally convenient for my family. Thank you”


"We placed an order last week. We received our food yesterday. I just want to compliment you on excellent service, great tasting food and the packaging is so convenient. Thank you, my week has honestly been made 😁”

Victoria Trollip

"With my fiance travelling most of the year I found it difficult and expensive to cook for one person. I was blown away by the professional and caring service I received when I ordered. The meals are delicious, perfectly portioned, healthy and extremely affordable.”