About Us

Fit Food 4U is a company that aims to make our client’s lives easier, making everyday living healthier and more efficient by delivering packaged ready to eat meals to your doorstep.

Our team has developed a healthy yet delicious way of cooking using natural herbs and spices making every dish unique. Prepared with the mind of a healthy eater. 

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Only the best and healthiest ingredients are used, all of which are sourced locally and purchased fresh every day for the tastiest results. No added sugars or preservatives.

Our meals are ready made, delivered frozen, ready to be eaten. Our mission is to ensure every that mouthful not only tastes great but shows you healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland. Our kitchen team cooks with passion and it shows in each and every one of our products we have to offer.


The Fit Food 4U kitchen team ensures you that there kitchen is cleaned twice a day and is kept as clean as possible throughout the cooking process.

Our meals are cooked fresh, portioned and sealed immediately to preserve each and every meal. The meals are then packaged with the meal name and nutritional information. Our clients are given an amazing experience. with great quality and top class service.

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