30 Day – LG Shot Package

R296.70 incl VAT

Our unique and flavourful combinations of our health shots that have been carefully blended together.  Our health shots are squeezed with raw fruits to extract the juice in a process that uses no heat, ensuring we get the most out of our fresh produce and to ensure that all nutrients and enzymes are retained.

Our health shots are all frozen for your convenience as they are a very easy and delicious way of starting your day as well as having your daily dose of vitamins,  fiber and antioxidants that help boost your immune system, giving you a kick start to your day!

Suitable to pop into half a glass of water, tea, juices, smoothies or just defrost and enjoy as a shot. (25ml)

30 Day – Shot Package Includes
(30 LG Shots)

30 x LG Shot

R296.70 incl VAT

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LG Shot – (Lemon, Ginger)


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