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Most electrolyte products have nowhere near enough sodium. REVIVE is scientifically* formulated to give you all the electrolyte salts you need, and none of the things you don’t.

REVIVE will help you feel better, function better and perform better.

Each sachet has just the right dose of sodium, potassium and magnesium, whether you’re a hard-charging athlete, an intermittent-fasting mom, or just starting your weight loss journey.


Proper hydration is not just water. It’s water plus the right amount of electrolytes. Most health-conscious people don’t get enough electrolytes and are slightly dehydrated. This is true daily, and it’s especially true when exercising.

Your brain needs a lot of electrolytes, not just your muscles and nerves. After all, most electrical activity occurs in the brain. It’s the reason dehydration is accompanied by confusion and poor judgment.

Drinking REVIVE will improve your mental and physical performance and your overall well-being. Give yourself:

  • Evidence-Based Hydration
  • Improved Energy
  • Enhanced Cognition
  • Excellent Nerve Function
  • Strong Muscle Function


Low Carb Lifestyles: REVIVE helps Low Carb folks (Keto, Banting, Paleo) avoid carb-flu, maintain energy and focus, and stops those annoying muscle cramps.

Intermittent Fasting: REVIVE doesn’t break your fast – it has no calories. Yet, it still gives you the brain boost to focus and the energy to, well … feel revived.

Exercise: REVIVE allows athletes to train without glucose (sugar) in order to burn fat. It’s also healthier. REVIVE maintains muscle and nerve function during exercise.

R23.00 incl VAT

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There are no short-cuts to a great product, especially one that is truly healthy. REVIVE contains no chemicals, colouring, fillers or artificial ingredients. Our main electrolyte ingredients are sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium malate.

However, salts on their own are acidic and unpleasant to drink (think of sea-water). So we added sodium citrate and calcium carbonate (also electrolytes) to soften the tartness. We use a high-quality, natural, spray-dried flavour that gives REVIVE a great taste and aroma – you’ll get a good whiff when opening the sachet.

Lastly, the saltiness of electrolytes needs a little sweetness. There was only one choice of sweetener in our book – stevia is natural, non-caloric and non-glycemic (it has no effect on blood sugar or insulin). Stevia doesn’t have a lingering after-taste and is easy on the gut. And because stevia is exceptionally sweet, there is only a tiny amount in each sachet.

The final ingredient is citric acid, necessary to ensure freshness and preserve quality.

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