Pizza Box

R391.79 incl VAT

We do not cut any corners with our pizzas, they are all truly mouth-watering experience from start to finish. A variety of different frozen pizzas, you could never get wrong! Two pizza’s in one serving.
Three Italian classics; our Margarita pizzas are generously topped with mozzarella, our Regina pizzas are topped with thinly sliced ham, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese and our delicious Mexicana pizzas are topped with mince, diced green peppers, garlic, and chili (mildly spicy pizza). All our pizzas are ready for you to cook to perfection in your oven or airfryer.

Pizza Box
6 Pizzas 

Package eating schedule: 1 meal per day

2 x Margarita Pizzas
2 x Regina Pizzas
2 x Mexicana Pizzas (hot)

R391.79 incl VAT

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