21 Day – Best of Both Vegan Package

R2,241.68 incl VAT

The key to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety.
This is a well put together package giving you a healthy variety of vegan meals that would suit your lifestyle. They are well-balance meals your body requires as well as the nutrients you will need to grow, stay healthy as well as achieve your lifestyle goal, this package is great to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle!
This package is great for your lunch AND dinner meals.
(Package eating schedule: 2 times a day)

21 Day – vegan Package Includes
(36 Meals and 6 Soups)

5 x Bean & Butternut Bhaji
5 x Cajun Red Kidney Beans
5 x Mixed Beans & Mushroom Stew
5 x Moroccan Chickpea
4 x Vegetable Stirfry
5 x Bean & Butternut Ragout
5 x Vegan Lasagne
2 x Mac & Creamy Bean
2 x Tomato Soup
2 x Vegetable Soup
2 x Cabbage Soup

R2,241.68 incl VAT


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