Looking for that perfect GUILT FREE snack to curb your craving? We’ve got your back!

We’ve got your back! Fit Food 4U only associates itself with healthy, balanced, nutritional, tasty treats to fuel your day! There is no better feeling than having healthy and nutritious tasty treats which aren’t going to break the rules.

We believe in making the smart choice.

We source only the best ingredients, and our first choice is always the natural one. These products are free from refined sugars, added sugars, colourants, preservatives, refined starches, artificial sweeteners, wheat or corn, refined oils, and contain only cold pressed oils.

We believe in healthy moderation. That is why you will find these tasty treats included in our packages to give you the break you deserve. After all, life all about enjoying a little snack every now and then!

We are constantly adding products to give to the convenience of getting everything you need all from one place, in a once off delivery. With snacks, treats, water bottles, blenders, vitamins, superfood protein blends, and more to assist you in achieving your goals one step at a time!


Our products are of excellent quality and have all been “tested” by our team. We are constantly adding products to give to the convenience of getting everything you need in a once off delivery. With water bottles and blenders aiding you throughout the day. Helping you achieve your goals one step at a time! Grab a voucher for your friends and family members to show them how much they REALLY mean to you by guiding them to a healthier lifestyle!


The Biogen brand was founded in 2004 and is now one of the premium wellness brands in South Africa. For well over a decade now, we have taken great pride in offering consumers high quality vitamin and supplement products across a wide range of categories.

#BEYOURBEST – To be the BEST, use the BEST. Our fundamental brand ethos is to be YOUR BEST at whatever it is YOU do. Irrespective of your personal health and fitness levels or goals, we exist to motivate you to be the absolute BEST you can be, and provide products that support your respective ambitions.


Enjoy a Low Carb Healthy Lifestyle

We believe in making the smart choice when selecting your foods for your Low carb Healthy Lifestyle. Be it Banting, Keto, Atkins, Diabetic, low GI or those just following a low carb way of eating, at Carbsmart believe that we can offer you a solution to your low carb, healthy lifestyle. Carbsmart™ foods contain no refined sugars or added sugars, no refined starches ,no artificial sweeteners, no wheat or Corn, no refined oils, only cold pressed oils. We source only the best ingredients and our first choice is always the natural one. Our Carbsmart™ Range now brings Convenience to your table, making it easy to maintain your low carb eating plan.


Why? Because we want it to be enjoyable for you to eat consciously. Conscious of what you put into your body. Conscious of where it comes from. Conscious of how it was made.

We source superior, authentic ingredients that are good for you, good for the planet, and good for the local communities that produce them.

Eating better shouldn’t mean compromising. That’s why we make tasty, honest food that’s uncomplicated, unadulterated and, well, nude. In short, we’re about straight-up goodness that has nothing to hide.


We are passionate surfers, chefs, travelers and yogi’s who are grounded and immersed in the present beauty of the natural world. We are brothers, born four years apart and raised in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Gavin is an advertising photographer with a thriving career and Warren, a seasoned graphic designer, is a successful jeweler and diamond consultant. Why did we divert time from our busy professional lives to create an innovative and unique product like Wazoogles?