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Weight Loss / Detox.

Why is it good to Detox the Body?
As soon as potentially harmful substances enter the body, the body’s
detoxification systems which consist of a series of metabolic reactions start
doing their job.
Detoxification is a continuous process that the body performs naturally. Seventy
five percent of the deactivation of toxins takes place in the liver
and the remainder in the intestines. Doing a detox help aid the body in this
prosses. This should be done every quarter or when you start feeling body

Why is our Ketofast is so Effective for Weight Loss?
We have combined a ketogenic eating plan and added in the intermittent fasting diet
which is currently one of the world’s most popular healthy eating programs. The
ketofast package will maximize your results the right way. This will help you
to minimize your in-sulin spikes and not always feel hungry.